About me



Everything was born by chance…

My wedding photographer history began in 1998, when I received an analogue Contax camera, with a 50 mm lens, as a gift. A gift as unexpected as misunderstood.
I remember having spent the next few days gripped by a doubt: hold the camera, respecting the gift, or resell it.
I’ve never sold it, but the camera has remained in the drawer for many months, until …
One day, encouraged by a person dear to me, I decided to buy some professional 36-position films and started shooting … and shooting … and shooting again. I never understood why, all of a sudden, I began to capture everything that my immature eyes saw. Needless to say, the first 36 poses ended in a flash. When I developed that first film, I understood that I had entered a world completely unknown to me, but extremely fascinating: photography.

A passion to cultivate….

I understood that a love had blossomed, but I had to deal with the immense amount of study necessary to transport the moments in photography.
I started my studies as self-taught. Subsequently, in 2004, I enrolled in one of the most renowned photographic academies in Milan. Enriched by this experience, I began to work professionally, specializing in photography for marriage and portraiture using also, as content, the reportage and the landscape.
Since the choice of context is never casual, over the years I have learned to put the search for empathy first. With discretion, I enter in harmony with the people who entrust me with the story of their love stories.

Sky, sea and land have the power to broaden my senses and at the same time to nourish my spirit, convincing me of the extraordinary beauty of my work. Photography gives me the opportunity to tell the story every day through a click.
I love freedom, sea and the beauty of nature. By virtue of this, they set the lovers in the delicacy of a Mediterranean sunset, in the quiet of a countryside, in the history of a farmhouse of other times.

My research in lighting and shadow management is scrupulous. This scrupulosity is also evident in my main study, in Taviano; a building of the early ‘900, with star vaults and inserts in precious Leccese stone, finely restored. The simple and welcoming atmosphere, during the appointments with the customers, makes one perceive a serene sense of cordiality and familiarity.